Spa-Con is pleased to welcome back cosplayer, Spock Vegas!

He is Paul Forest and with his exciting combination of good looks and a good voice, he became a huge Star Trek fan-favorite the first time he hit Fremont Street in Las Vegas 5 years ago. Paul has been doing cosplay for over thirty years, starting by winning contests as an Elvis impersonator when he was very young, and going from Dracula to Darth Vader to Bumblebee in between. He won Las Vegas’s best look-alike contest at the Venetian. He has 4 years of work experience on the street, all over Canada and the US, and has been exhibiting and appearances at Comic Cons for the past year.

He even had the opportunity to cosplay as Spock in London where he talked through Skype to the late Leonard Nimoy, who replied, “what is this, it’s like looking at myself in the mirror!”, making the whole room laugh and resulting in coverage online with BBC.

As the most viral Spock impersonator on the internet, he takes more than 500 pictures per weekend with fans. Catch Spock Vegas in the Spa-Con Expo Hall all weekend!