SPA-CON 2018

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Ni hao! Lao pung yo, nee can chi lai hun yo jing shen! 2018 was 'shiny' and 'funk-a-licious' and we all had fun; and though "sometimes friends have to go away, ... a part of them stays behind with you.” Sitting here, after all the dust kicked up by 'Dragula' has settled, we're reflecting on the memories made that will always stay with us.

We had some thrills and chills with some amazing guests, a ton of mind-blowingly talented artists and larger than life cosplayers. 2018 will always be with us. Once we catch our breath and put away our Mandarin, funk, Poke-captures, horror thrills and laser vests we'll be planning what's beyond that next event horizon! Stay tuned and keep your engines idling low (for now) to see what 2019 will bring.

Mark those calendars...September 20-22, 2019 is...ON. ITS. WAY!


Pam Grier Sean Maher Veronica Taylor Butch Patrick
Michael Berryman R.A. Mihailoff Froggy Fresh Nightingale Vixen
nipahDubs Ginny Di Extreme Costumes Dominique de Leon
Gene Russell Nic Roylance Arvell Jones Byron Buslig
Chad Maupin David Lasky Gustav Carlson Kody Sandwich
Nate Jones Nikki Dawes Stacy Bates Timothy Lim
Yale Stewart William Tsutsui Randy Duncan, Ph.D. Beastman Caravan
Courier Coleman Drew Bradbury Ross Watson Sonny Kay

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