Spa-Con 2017

Weel noo!  As Professor McGonagall might say, “we were chuffed tae oor bitts” over the response to the 2nd Annual Spa-Con.  Actually, she likely wouldn’t say that as she’s a bit more proper, and though I imagine she can, she wouldn’t regularly express herself in Broad Scots.  To say we were thrilled right down to our coffee and cherry pie would definitely NOT be an exaggeration!  The cosplayers were AH-MAZ-ING, the guests were AH-MAZ-ING, the gaming before, after and during was AH-MAZ-ING and YOU, the attendees were AH-MAZ-ING.  The whole shebang was amazing and if it was any more amazing, and we wore red and blue underoos, we’d be Spiderman!  So—that was 2017.  How can we top THAT?!  We’ll have to wait until September 21-23, 2018 to see….  Squee!  Can’t wait…we here at Spa-Con Control are on tenterhooks I tell you!


2017 Guests

Shannon Purser Sheryl Lee Sherilyn Fenn Pat Moriarity
David Lasky Gustav Carlson Kody Sandwich Josh Cotter
John Lucas Kelly Wiliams Timothy Lim TeriyakiWeasel
Sprinkle.Spit Ginny Di Knightmage Nightingale Vixen
Spock Vegas Robert R Reed Chris Twellman Rhapsodia Cosplay
The Batmobile Herbie the Lovebug Ecto-1 Car TonyBuck FX
Beastman Caravan Tal M. Klein USS Blackstone 501st Legion
The SCA Bill Tsutsui Stephen Radney MacFarland Robert Schwalb

Nerd Informants Spa Con 2017 Coverage!

2017 Promo Video

Spa-Con 2016

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! We had such a good time at our first fan convention – Spa-Con – was a success and we were completely gob-smacked by the response and so completely thankful and grateful for all of our guests, exposition artists and vendors, panelists and work-shoppers, gamers, volunteers and FANS!!! 2016 was an amazing year.

You never forget your first right? So, although we’re looking to make 2017 bigger and better we’ll always remember the year it all began.

2016 Guests

Nichelle Nichols Jennifer L. Holm Richard Hatch Michael Hogan
Ross Watson Butch Smith Christopher Smith Leah Clark
Caitlin Glass Randy Duncan Paul Crutcher Dr. Kinko Ito
PEELANDER-Z The 501st Legion The DeLorean Time Machine The Mutt Cutts Van
ArkLUG (Legos) The T.A.R.D.I.S. Josef Rubinstein Pat Broderick
Pat Moriarity Rodney Ramos Matt Triano Ginny Di
Krystal Starr Lia Forestner Lady Kate JediManda
Amber Harrison      

2016 Promo Video

2016 Review

2016 Cosplay Club