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Michelle Harrison | Spa-Con

Michelle Harrison

Friday, September 20
7:00PM - Appearing at Opening Ceremony
Saturday, September 21
Appearing throughout the day on the Expo Floor
Sunday, September 22
Noon - Michelle Harrison Q&A, Room 207
1:00 - Photo Ops with Michelle Harrison, Room 201
2:00 - VIP pass holder meet & greet. - VIP Lounge
Barry Bostwic | Spa-Con

Barry Bostwick

Saturday, September 21
Noon - Rocky Horror Q&A, Room 207
1:00 - Photo Ops with Barry Bostwick, Room 201
2:00 - VIP pass holder meet & greet. - VIP Lounge
9:30 - Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, Bank OZK Arena
Cybertronic Spree

Cybertronic Spree

Friday, September 20
7:00 - Opening Ceremony & Concert, Horner Hall

Saturday, September 21
5:00 - Panel - “Robot Rockers: Getting Used to Earth Instruments” w/ Cybertronic Spree – Room 205


The 501st Legion

"The 501st Legion is an international fan-based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of Imperial Stormtrooper armor, Sith Lords, Clone Troopers, bounty hunters, and other villains from the Star Wars universe. The 501st Legion, called by its nickname Vader's Fist, is made up entirely of volunteers.  The Diamond Garrison, is the Arkansas chapter of the 501st Legion." Appearing in the Expo Hall all weekend.

Akakioga Cosplay

Akakioga Cosplay has made an impact in the Overwatch community for her Orisa cosplay which is appearing in the new book, “Blizzard Cosplay: Tips, Tricks, and Hints”. Akakioga is also an advocate for people of color in cosplay and uses her social media platforms to advocate inclusivity in the nerd community.


Extreme Costumes’ creation, Designation B-127, better known as Bumblebee is an Autobot and one of Optimus Prime’s lieutenants. Before arriving on Earth, Bumblebee was a part of the, lost in space, Ark. After suffering some damages while crash landing here, Bumblebee was later bought by Sam Witwicky’s father as Sam’s first “car”. Now, Bumblebee is a household name and an icon of what a “good” robot looks like.


Extreme Costumes’ creation, Hulkbuster, was made with the help of Bruce Banner to control and restrain The Hulk. Tony Stark’s 44th suit design seen first in Iron Man Vol. 1 #304, it held true rated with a life press capacity of 170 tons to endure hand-to-hand combat with The Incredible Hulk.


Extreme Costumes’ creation, Reinhardt is known as a hero of Overwatch and decorated German soldier that helped put an end to the Omnic Crisis, Reinhardt has come out of retirement to attend 2019 Spa-Con. Known for his upstanding moral compass, Reinhardt is highly regarded for his work leading Overwatch to stand against danger across Europe.

Bumblebee - Spa-Con | Hot Springs National Park, AR

Thomas DePetrillo

Thomas DePetrillo began Extreme Costumes 22 years ago and joined the Cosplay Community in 2009. Since then he has won awards at New York Comic Con and New York Anime Expo, and has gained clients such as: Chevy, Caribbean Cruise, Disney, Sky Network, Duck Tape, and Hasbro. Extreme Costumes has also been featured in Guinness Book of World Records for “World’s Largest Mobile Cosplay”.

Legendary Rose

Based out of Kansas City, Legendary Rose is a gamer, a geek, and a semi-professional cosplayer. She’s been making her own cosplays for five years and has an incredibly diverse range of costumes. Rose has not only has won several awards for her cosplays, but has also has ran over 25 convention panels and been featured in international magazines.

Spock Vegas

Spock Vegas

Spock Vegas has been cosplaying for over thirty years, beginning with Elvis impersonation contests. More recently he won Las Vegas’ best look-a-like contest at The Venetian, was mentioned in BBC online articles, and even Skyped Leonard Nimoy while in London.


Utahime is an actress, model, and dancer that discovered her passion for cosplay in 2014. She has been featured in Cosplay Alliance Magazine, The L.A. Times, Popsugar, Supernews Live, Voyage LA Magazine, and Cosplay Culture. Utahime has also just started a YouTube channel that explores K-Pop music, fashion, and culture.

Gregory Harris

Returning cosplay artist for Spa-Con, Harris previously performed as Dr. Strange. His act included holographic projector featuring sparks, shields, portal spins, and astral projection.

Arkansas Iron Man

Lennon Parker, better known as The Arkansas Iron Man has been cosplaying different variations of Iron Man for the past five years including: Invisible Iron Man, Zombie Iron Man, and Old Man Stark. Parker has been an Iron Man collector since he was eight years old and is soon to be recognized for the largest private Iron Man collection in the world. Additionally he has received global recognition for his work with virtual reality technology in higher education.

Saber Legion

Spa-Con IV welcomes the Arkansas Chapter of the Saber Legion for a live fighting demo on opening night. Make time in your Spa-Con schedule to see Saber Legion members Jason Hayden, Ruben Gay and Nero Lynxx on Friday, September 20th - 6:30PM in Horner Hall. The live action demonstration precedes the opening ceremony and Cybertronic Spree concert. The Saber Legion is a worldwide saber club, with a focus on saber combat and sparring. Their mission statement is “United Through Sabers.”


Par Moriarity

Pat Moriarity

Cartoon illustrator, Pat Moriarity, began showing his work in Minneapolis in the mid 1980’s. His comics can be seen in kids’ magazines such as: Nickelodeon, National Geographic Kids, and Highlights. After working as a contributor to Real Stuff and Duplex Planet Illustrated, Moriarity began his own comic series Big Mouth and worked as an art director at Fantagraphics Books and the Comics Journal. Moriarity now designs record covers for multiple labels, is an assistant art director for Mineshaft Magazine, and has a new book out, “Pat Moriarity’s Deep Artwork”, that comes with 3D glasses.

Sam De La Rosa

Sam de la Rosa

Since 1982 Sam de la Rosa did finished art/inks for Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, and Dark Horse. Credits include Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, Black Panther, The Avengers, Star Wars, X-Men and more. He worked on Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Star Trek, Firestorms and others for DC Comics. In 1989 at Dark Horse Comics he worked on the first Predator comic book. Sam’s work on Venom Lethal Protector #1-6 is the source material for the Venom Movie.

Walden Wong

Walden Wong

Walden Wong is a well-respected comic book artist/inker and has a wide range of experience in the industry. He has worked for practically every publisher out there, including DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and VIZ media. You can see his name on a variety of titles every year.

Chad Maupin

Chad Maupin

For over 25 years, Chad Maupin has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. Maupin is an art Automatron at Bio Bot Design, the creator and owner of CattyWampus Co-Op, and a developer of apparel designs such as FayetteChill and Houndstooth Clothing Company.

Gustav Carlson

Born and raised on a goat farm on top a mountain, Gustav Carlson spent his days naming an increasing number of goats Gruff. Partially in fear of bridge trolls that run rampant in the hills, but mostly because it adequately described most the goats he knew. Since then the trolls have gone extinct, and the goats Gruff are in his past. To fill that constant void, he now draws comics.Eventually he plans to retire to Goat Island, a very real place. He currently creates the comic Tourist Unknown.

Kody Sandwich

Little Rock sketchbook enthusiast, Kody Sandwich, is the creator/ illustrator of She Hunts Monsters Y’all. Sandwich has also worked with Radio DJ, Bobby Bones and designed merchandise for MC Chris.

Nikki Dawes

Nikki is an award-winning graphic artist and illustrator from Arkansas. She’s worked with Critical Role, Amnesty International, and Arkansas Life magazine. Primarily working digitally, Nikki enjoys using bright colors and fantasy characters in her original works.

Stacy Bates

Artist and Fort Smith art teacher, Stacy Bates, specializes in black-and-white, pen and ink illustrations and has experience in murals and printmaking. Currently, Bates is working on a series of animal rights illustrations.

Timothy Lim

Author and illustrator of Thump: The First Bundred Days is a parody book about a bunny campaigning across the United States. Lim also works with Ninjaink, LLC with art featured in print, posters and t-shirts on an international level including: “Ghostbusters”, “Back to the Future”, and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.

Bill Williams

Bill Williams

Matthew Weldon

Matthew Weldon

The Art Sherpa

Cinnamon Cooney is a YouTube art teacher who founded her company, The Art Sherpa, in 2013. She had a strong desire to create a friendly place for beginning acrylic artists to receive instruction and realize their lifelong dreams to paint beautiful pictures. Her YouTube Channel has over 450,000 subscribers and her Art Sherpa personality engages her community on multiple social media channels as she hosts her fully guided, step by step painting tutorials. Her teaching style is humorous and empathetic as she teaches her worldwide audience on how to find their creative voice and use it to paint masterpieces.


The Arkansas CW Crew

The Arkansas CW is the home of well received shows such as Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, Arrow, Black Lighting, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, All American, The 100, and iZombie. And coming this fall Batgirl and Nancy Drew!

It is also the home of The Arkansas CW Crew! Which you can keep up with the crew on their website The keeps up with The Crew as they travel the area with their travel web series Do The Ozarks. Catch the CW Crew at Spa-Con IV and Keep up with latest CW Entertainment news and interviews, the Crew ghost hunting series and a lot more!