10 Tips For Your First Trip to Spa-Con

  1. Check out the schedule!
    There are a TON of things that will be happening at once: celebrity panel discussions, workshops, table top and party games, laser tag, activities, movies and more. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you arrived! Plan out your Spa-Con weekend.
  2. Set your phone alarm for can’t miss events
    Some attractions will be on-going throughout the Con. Special events – like the opening and ceremonies, celebrity panels for Stranger Things and Twin Peaks, or gaming sessions will have dedicated start times. Get to where you need to be!
  3. Keep your eyes peeled for outrageous costumes
    If you’ve never been to Spa-Con – you might be surprised by how many people arrive in costume (AKA – Cosplay). Many of these cosplayers have spent months crafting elaborate props and attire – so you’ll want to snap a pic (with their permission, of course). Extra points for Spock Vegas, Nearly Negan and Darth Vader sightings.
  4. Bring cash and be prepared to shop
    The 2nd Annual Spa-Con is bringing more awesome vendors and artists to the expo this year. You’ll see tons of booths with awesome, one-of-a-kind pieces and collectibles for sale that you won’t want to miss.
  5. Spring for the VIP passes
    Crowds surpassed expectations last year at the first Spa-Con – and organizers are anticipating even more people this year. The VIP passes not only let you mingle with celebrity guests and artists – but they also give you reserved seating at the hottest panels and events. Oh, and did I see free food and drink!
  6. Strike up a conversation
    One of the great things about Spa-Con is that you’re going to meet a wide range of people with really diverse interests and passions. You might meet someone who loves the same movies/t.v. shows/books as you –or- you might learn about something new and awesome. Don’t be afraid to connect with folks.
  7. Arrive early on Friday for Preview Night
    While most of the panels and workshops are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday – the entire event is kicking off with a free screening of Harry Potter, introduction of guests and artists, plus the downtown Bar Trek and puzzle hunt. Note: The Expo Hall opens on Saturday at 10:00AM.
  8. Stay late on Sunday for MORE fun
    NEW this year to Spa-Con will be the closing ceremony and Spacademy Awards. Prizes will be given out to some lucky attendees for best Cosplay, Vendor & Artist, and photos from the weekend will be on display.
  9. Wear comfortable shoes and walk downtown
    The Hot Springs Convention Center is only a few blocks from downtown. The historic Bath House row offers a ton of great sight-seeing options in addition to live music, food, excape rooms, museums,shops and more. Get your Bar Trek page in the Spa-Con Program stamped and win cool swag.
  10. Use #SpaCon on social media to share the fun
    Nobody experiences Spa-Con the exact same way. That’s why it’s so great to see all of the different viewpoints on social media. Plus, if you use the hashtag, your photo might appear during the closing ceremony.
  11. BONUS 
Come to Spa-Con to play!
    Sure Spa-Con is great for people watching, gaming, shopping, panels and workshops, but we want you to play too! Weekend Passes include the Spa-Con Laser Tag Arena, ARTEMIS Starship Bridge Simulator, Virtual Reality Lab and the Narrow Escape Pod.



If you haven’t bought your passes yet – GET THEM HERE!